Saturday, October 11, 2008


I had 3 separate dreams last night.

#1 - I do not remember, but Dad was in it.

#2 - An old airplane, vintage WWII, flew low over our house. I watched as it kept getting lower, and once it was passed the school, it crashed in a huge fireball into Robeson Park. It was a windy day, and burning debris and embers were blown over the neighborhood. I watched as roofs on two houses across the street caught fire. I walked outside our house and saw that our roof was on fire, too. I'm thinking I ought to call 911 when a firefighter, dressed in protective fire gear carrying an axe and pulling a fire hose, walked down the street. He immediately got on our roof, chopped holes in the roof, sprayed water, and extinguished the fire. He then bawled me out for all the dead vegetation around our house that was a fire hazard. I wanted to point out that none of it had caught fire, but he'd continued walking on down the street.

I'm now left thinking "Now I have holes in the roof and a lot of water damage." I inspected a room inside the house. The wallpaper had flowers and was old and tattered and had a lot of scotch tape holding it in place. Up near the top, where I was looking, was Grammie's recipe for "No Bake Cookies" in her own handwriting! Curiously, the instructions said to "bake for 10 minutes." I woke thinking I need to get in touch with the insurance company.

#3 - Bill Nicholls had died. Since he had no family (at least in my dream) and his partner had previously expired, his former music students stepped in and planned his funeral. We greeted the mourners as they came in. We formed a grand orchestra and choir and performed some great composer's "Requiem." Sounded really good like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Sheryl Burton and Chic Grider were predominently featured in the planning and greeting. I also saw Sharon Jones (GCHS Class of 1970) playing a bassoon in the orchestra ..... even tho she really played a clarinet back in high school.

That's all.