Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Looking for Relief

And I thought last summer was too warm.

This July has set a 90-degree heat record: 27 of 31 days this month the high temperature touched or exceeded 90 degrees.  Not liking that.  The old record was in July 1921 when there were 25 90-degree days.

Among the 27 days this month were seven days when the high was at or greater than 100 degrees.  The average high this month has been 95.2 degrees which is 10.2 degrees above normal.

Although not a record, we’ve had only 0.61 inch of rain for the month.  It’s definitely a drought.

1936 looked like a miserably hot summer, too, with 15 days in the hundreds.  And no air conditioning.  That’s the one thing that has made this summer bearable.

I’m really looking forward to August when the temps just have to drop.  Please.

(source: The News-Gazette - July 31, 2012)