Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jim and Richard's Wild Ride

This happened a couple years ago.

I took two CDs to listen to in the car when I went to visit Mom at SC on Tuesday.  When I got home I had them in hand but put them on the back (trunk) of the car to walk out to bring the mail in.  I thought to myself, “Don’t forget these are here.  You’ll end up like Grandma W. who put her purse on the back of her car then drove off.”  
The next morning (Wednesday) while eating breakfast I got to wondering about where those CDs were.  I didn’t see them on the kitchen table – where they likely would be.  Are they still inside the car?  Then I just forgot all about them.
The following morning (Thursday) when I put my purse and tote bag in the back seat of the car I saw the Jim Croce CD on the trunk of the car.  It was really wet – I thought that’s an awful lot of condensation from just sitting there overnight.
But then I got to thinking: There’d been two CDs.  And I put them there two days ago.  Well, yeah, Jim Croce is soaked – it’s been raining buckets all day Wednesday.  And what was the second CD?  It’s obviously gone for good, but what was it?  Oh, no.  A favorite: Richard Carpenter (after Karen died) playing solo piano.  Bye, Richard, but at least Jim Croce survived.  What a ride he had – to and from work yesterday, plus sitting out in the rain all day yesterday.
So, if I saw the Jim Croce CD on the back of the car this morning, how come I didn't see the 2 CDs Wednesday a.m.?  I could have saved both of them.
I’d purchased both CDs on eBay, and they were both favorites.  I’m glad I still have Jim Croce, but I’ll miss Richard.