Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween -- 50 Years Ago

Back when we were kids, the most important aspect of our Halloween costumes was the mask.  You must wear a mask so that absolutely no one would know who you were.  Didn’t matter if you were dressed like a strawberry or a bumblebee, you had to have a mask covering your face.  Little did we realize that the adults all knew who we were.  We were just certain that we had everyone fooled and perplexed as to our true identities.

See this character.  Now, just why would a gypsy need a mask …. Unless she was Zorro’s girlfriend or something.  But, of course – So that no one would know who she was.

1962 - Nancy, 4th grade

Then there’s this little old lady.  Of course, it’s not abnormal for her to have a mask on.  She doesn’t want anyone to figure out who she is.

1962 - Jane, kindergarten

Fast forward to present day.  Why doesn’t this scary character wear a mask?  Easy, dear Watson.  That would impede the flow of “adult” beverage sliding effortlessly down the parched throat.

2012 - Patrick, of legal age

One Halloween I remember clearly was probably about 1958.  We arrived at our grandmother’s house that Halloween Friday night after dark because we couldn’t leave for our weekend visit ‘til our dad came home from school.  (And he probably had basketball practice, too, to finish up.)  My brother and I had on our masks and went to play a trick on Grammie.  We knocked on the door, then waited in anticipation to scream out “trick or treat.”  Our dad got a little impatient and banged on the window next to the door.  Boy, that got her attention.  The moment arrived, the door opened, and candy was dropped into our outstretched sacks.  The masks worked!  She didn’t recognize us!  I couldn’t believe it!  And couldn’t stand the suspense as we waited for Grammie to figure out who we were.  I blurted out, “It’s us, Grammie.  Nancy and Bobby.”  

Never would have pulled off our big surprise without our Halloween masks.