Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hospital Meals

I was a little disappointed when I learned that my surgery would be out-patient because I had thought I'd get a couple "free" meals, supper and breakfast.  Then it was explained that out-patient could include an overnight stay in the hospital, that I just had to be out in less than 23 hours. While I know the meals were not "free," I was anticipating having a meal served to me that I didn't have to prepare or clean up.

I chose from the "liquid diet" portion of the menu for my first food after being situated in my room: jello, iced tea and grape juice.  The juice was too sweet so after the first taste, I did not finish it.  The jello was ... well, jello.  I was just happy to have something to eat after having fasted for 20+ hours.

I knew that I wanted my dinner meal to be something easy to eat: nothing that needed a knife, nothing that required too much chewing, nothing that needed what I perceived to be a lot of internal breaking down.  I chose meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, and chocolate pudding.  Sadly, none of this tasted "good."  I can't say it was bad or that there was anything wrong with it.  Just that my taste buds were "off," and I simply was not interested in eating it.  Not even the chocolate pudding.  I nibbled on the meal, then set it aside with maybe only a quarter of it eaten.

(I managed to barf up what little was inside me.  That surprised me since I seldom throw up.)

One last chance for someone else to make me a meal:  For breakfast I chose oatmeal, a banana, bran muffin, and skim milk.  I was hoping the muffin would be commercially wrapped in plastic so I could take it home.  It was not.  It was dry and not very flavorful.  The banana did not taste like a banana, possibly because of screwed up taste buds so I only ate half of it.  I did like the oatmeal sprinkled with sweetener.

Overall, the food on this overnight "vacation" was a real disappointment.  It's not that I think it was poorly made, but I guess my taste was just off.

Once home, J. fixed me a lunch:  He heated up a slice of leftover Little Caesar's Pizza and brought a glass of water to me.