Sunday, April 23, 2017

Personal Best

Since the end of January I've kept track of my daily walking using a Fitbit Zip, Christmas present from Patrick.  At the beginning I would take a picture of the Fitbit display on my phone when I got home from walking at the rec center.  More recently I've learned to save an image at the end of the day.  In the course of time, the Fitbit dashboard has changed how it displays.

Below are snapshots of the dashboard two months apart, February and April.  The February photo was taken after returning home from walking the track in the morning.  The 2nd photo is from yesterday taken just before bedtime.

April 22 was a personal best for me in 3 ways:
1.  I've never been over 12,000 steps in one day.  In fact, I'm not sure I've been over 11,000.

2.  I know I've never been over 5 miles in one day.  I suspect I've hit the 4 mile mark maybe only once or twice.
3.  My active minutes are typically around 65 minutes. 

So, what happened Saturday that sent my "records" soaring?  The Illinois Marathon was yesterday.  It is run throughout C-U.  Part of the race is less than 6 blocks from our house, and I walked down to observe what was happening.  That half hour out in the neighborhood is the extra factor.

Ignore the calories burned.  I don't know how that is calculated.  Heck, I register some calories burned when I look at the Fitbit first thing in the morning just from energy breathing throughout the night.   😊


Monday, April 17, 2017

Today's My Birthday .....

..... and I spent the morning at the county courthouse.  Called up for jury duty.

We sat through an introductory video and explanations.  Then we all were dismissed for the day.  Approximately 45 minutes of instruction.  That's worth the $10/day payment.  I'll call tonight and see if I need to report in tomorrow.  

Then I went to Denny's and got my free birthday Grand Slam meal.  Afterwards, headed over to Meijer and looked through the half-price Easter candy.