Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It was a dark and rainy morning

Late yesterday afternoon my sister-in-law called and said she was having car trouble. J. went out to lend a hand. He decided it looked like a dead battery and let SIL borrow his car rather than driving her back to GC himself. He’ll get someone to look at her vehicle, and she’ll return his car today. Meanwhile, J. has my car today so he drove me to work this a.m.

It was a dark, rainy, gloomy morning. J. decided to enter campus from Bradley. Not being familiar with the entrance – which is at least 5 lanes wide with a median – he accidentally turned into the out-going lane. Far in the distance we could see headlights approaching, but they were definitely nowhere near a collision. J. turned left out of the exit and the other vehicle followed …. with flashing red and blue lights. Wouldn’t you know it – it was the PC police. I mean, what is the likelihood you're going to encounter cops at the precise moment you're committing a traffic infraction?

After running his license, the cop gave J. a warning ticket and acknowledged the entrance is very wide and could be confusing in the dark.

Now I hope J. returns to pick me up after work at my quitting time.