Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mom's Crop Top

Or, From Whence It Came

T-shirts are meant to be loose and comfortable. A uni-sex t-shirt is basically a rectangle with a neck and sleeves. My 84-year-old mother -- from her senile point of view -- decided that the t-shirts and polo-type shirts that she received through church events were just too big. "I swim in them," she says. So to correct that problem, she cut the bottoms off and re-hemmed them. Unfortunately, they are now too short and will not tuck into her pants or pull down past her waistline. She created herself "crop tops."

The newly-created square t-shirt

One of my dear sisters gifted me with one of these crop tops. I am happy to report that it has been returned to its rightful owner ... God. Yes, while at OLL for a family wedding yesterday, the t-shirt inadvertently slipped out of my coat pocket and was negligently left behind in a pew when I exited the church. May the person who finds it enjoy the freedom of movement that their new Jesus crop top offers.

Wang have mercy.